All about Dog Heartworm

Update: Aug 10th, 2012

All about Dog Heartworm and Heartworm Symptoms

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend, thus, we do not want them to be sick or suffer any kind of disease. However, we cannot predict what will happen especially to the health of our dogs that is why it is important to regularly visit your veterinarians to keep updated with your dog’s health.

Basically, a dog heartworm is a condition that is fatal caused by a heartworm known as the Dirofilaria immitis. Actually, this kind of disease is not exclusive to dogs, there are other animals that can be infected with the said disease such as cats, ferrets and sea lions and also human can also get this kind of infection but in a rare occasion. The disease can be transmitted through the bites of the parasite called heartworm larvae which carry mosquitoes. When your pet dog will be infected by the this kind of disease, you must be very cautious because dog heartworm infection can be a cause of death of your pet due to the fact that it can infest their heart, lungs and arteries.

As pet owners, you have a great role in making sure that your pets are in good health and condition by checking your pet dogs. Here are the steps on how to check for heartworm symptoms and understand whether your pet dogs have heartworm.

Dog Heartworm Symptoms Check List

First thing that you need to do is to check whether your dog is having symptoms of dog heartworm such as difficulty in breathing, fatigue and cough that became worst over time. In addition, if the heartworm affects your pet dog’s liver, the symptoms for that include loss of appetite and jaundice.

Then, the best move that you need to execute is consulting a veterinarian. This is the best move because veterinarians are expert with their field and they have the adequate knowledge in assessing your pet’s health. Further, veterinarians also can give you medications if ever your pet has this kind of disease.

After that, you can also ask your veterinarians if he/she can perform a test called heartworm antigen test for your pet dogs which aims to determine whether your pet dog possess infection as well as asking any available treatment for that particular disease.

Next, as a responsible pet owner, you must also consult whether your veterinarian will execute a test that would identify the presence of the disease.

Finally, you must consult your veterinarian regarding the preventative medicine that suits to the health condition of your pet dogs. Further, you also need to get the prescription of your vet for the medicine that you will give to your pets.
Furthermore, pet owners can also detect whether their pet dogs have heartworm infection by being so observant in terms of their physical condition as well as their health. Our pet dogs are very precious to us because they gave us a particular happiness that only dogs could give. For other pet owners, they also consider their dogs as part of their family making the dogs very significant to their lives.

This kind of disease or infection usually happens during summer and spring seasons and there are several facts that pet owners must know in order to be aware on how to combat against parasites.

First fact that you need to know is that the heartworm disease reveals no symptoms for the first six months that the infection occurred. In addition to that, symptoms of the mentioned disease will not also show up until the disease will start to destroy the body of your pets.

Another fact that pet owners need to be aware is that heartworm disease can be preventable. The disease can be preventable through giving your pet dogs with pills, chewable tablets and long-lasting injections that can protect them with the infection and other relevant diseases. As long as you consult your veterinarian concerning the treatment of the infection, they can always suggest you to take the long term medication for heartworm disease.

In addition to the mentioned facts, the treatment for the said disease is also cost effective unlike what the others are saying that it is very expensive. Despite the fact that the treatment is very cheap, you must be very cautious because this disease can be deadly on your pets and of course you do not want that to happen. Once your pet will be infected with the disease, pet owners need to supervise the health condition of their pet dogs monthly in order to monitor the status of their health. Furthermore, with the said supervision, pet owners need to invest a lot of patience, time and money that would not be very efficient on the part of the pet owners.

With the above information relevant to the diseases of dogs, pet owners must implement the saying prevention is better than cure.

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