Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

Aug 10th, 2012

In the long run, we consider dogs as part of our family and in our lives, thus taking good care of them is a must on our part. These dogs bring extra and unusual happiness in our lives. Aside from that, they also teach us on how to take responsibility by taking care of them and attending to their needs as well. For other people, they consider their dogs as stress reliever when they got home because of their welcoming behavior.

All of the pet owners are very meticulous when it comes to the health or nutrition that they pet animals is receiving. However, we cannot predict what will happen to our dogs, that is why they are very concern when their dogs acquire the heartworm infection. Basically, heartworm infection or disease is a fatal condition caused by the parasite called dirofilaria immitis that lives in your pet’s heart, arteries and lungs. Aside from your pet dogs, there are also other animals that can be infected with the heartworm such as cats, ferrets and sea lions. In addition to that, this disease or infection can be acquired in countries with southern climate such as Bahamas. The disease can be transmitted through the bite of a mosquito carrying the infection and it will hibernate in your pet’s system leading to severe damage.

Of course, we do not want something bad will happen to our pets’ right? That is why most of us are living the saying that prevention is better than cure. Further, if we practice prevention, we are sure that we are not going to spend too much money for their medicine along with other medications as well as we cannot experience the hassle of supervising our pets when your pet dogs got sick.

Types of Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

Natural Prevention- As what its name suggests, natural prevention is the kind of heartworm prevention for dogs which prevents it in a natural way with an aim of giving the chance to your pets to live longer through giving them the adequate food and nutrition that they need. Your pet dogs also need to be regularly checked by their veterinarians in order to be keep updated with the health status or condition of your pet dogs. As pet owners, you also need to ensure that they are not acquiring the said infection. Further, you need to feed your pet dogs with the necessary nutrition through giving food to your dogs with natural ingredients which means you will not give them processed foods as it will devoid all the nutrients and full of toxic preservatives. When you create the food for your pet dogs, you will have the chance to control the eating habits of your pet dogs and a very cost effective on your part. Your dog can avoid rashes, behavioral problems as well as hot spots when they do not consume processed foods.

Conventional Prevention- This kind of method refers to the common prevention administered by your veterinarians by giving prescribed pills for your pet dogs that will prevent them from developing into a full grow parasites. The pills prescribed by your veterinarians usually have side effects when taken by your pet dogs such as seizures, vomiting, convulsions and diarrhea. This method is not usually effective because this serves as a trial and error on the part of the veterinarian in which medication is effective.

In addition to the prevention, there are several medications that are available in the market today such as the Iverhart max, Heartgard Plus and Tri-Heat Plus. The mentioned medications contain ivermectin which will kill microfilarae in your pet dog’s bloodstream leading to the prevention of the development of heartworms. Furthermore, pet owners can also consider the use of Interceptor and Sentinel to prevent the disease called heartworm. Pet owners must also bear in their mind that they must not give medication to their pet dogs without the prescription of your vets because this may lead to the death of your pet dogs for not properly giving the appropriate medications that suits to their health condition.

On the other hand, there are things that pet owners must be aware of. First, though there are cases which are not that serious wherein your pet dogs will only acquire mild diseases. However, there are also cases where it will be very serious and sometimes it will cause the death of your pet dogs. Repeated vaccination can also weaken the immune system of your pet dogs and would lead to chronic death and death. As pet owners, you have the full responsibility to the health status and condition of your pet dogs in order to avoid unnecessary costs along with the hassle on your part. In addition, pet owners can always seek treatment from their veterinarians with regard to the condition of your pet dogs.

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